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About Us

Midfields Granola came into being in 2003. But the story began several years earlier when Sharon Davies was running a busy bed & breakfast business from her home in Dartmoor.

She was given a recipe for Granola by a friend from California who ran a vegan restaurant. Sharon adapted the recipe for a more 'English' taste and started offering it to her bed & breakfast guests. It was so popular that, pretty soon, she was selling small bags of it for people to take home with them after their stay.

Her youngest son suggested she should market the Granola and Sharon test marketed it for six months through a delicatessen in the town of Moretonhampstead. It was an instant success!

After placing it with a few local delicatessens and health food shops, Sharon moved on to farm shops.

"We have deliberately kept growth slow and steady," says Sharon. "We don't want to grow too quickly as we want to ensure quality at all times."

Today, the business employs four local people and a driver - and the bed & breakfast business has had to stop!

In February 2009, demand for Midfields Granola meant that production moved out of Sharon's kitchen and into a small unit in Moretonhampstead.

Still using the same ingredients and exactly the same hand-cooking process, but with more room to work, Midfields is now able to produce more Granola to meet the steady growth in orders.

While Sharon cooks the product and attends agricultural shows and food fairs, her husband Brian - a former screen printer and designer - looks after the packaging and promotion side of the business.

"Brian has some very useful skills when it comes to the packaging, which is great!" adds Sharon. "He looks after accounts and acts as delivery man too."

"We are passionate about local food and supporting local people. We are a thriving cottage industry in a very rural area - we are proud to put 'Made in Devon' on our products," added Sharon.

For more information please contact Sharon, or Brian, on 01647 440462.